Pablo Vargas' Stanton Tailor Shop is located in the heart of the Lower East Side, NYC. We are committed to providing a large and varied selection of all types of tailoring services including hemming, tapering, dress and suit intricate alterations, as well a denim related services, such as denim tailoring and denim repair. Our surroundings in the Lower East Side provide us with inspiration, creativity and a great environment in which to ply our trade.

It is our goal to provide you, the customer, with the best possible experience and confidence in the services that we offer. We hope that your experience, both in our shop and while visiting our website, is helpful, enjoyable and rewarding.

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The Stanton Tailor

Our Story

Pablo Vargas was 22 when he answered an ad for a tailor in a Spanish-language newspaper in 1984, shortly after arriving in New York from the Dominican Republic. Seven years later, he bought the business and reopened it as Stanton Tailor Shop.

The tiny storefront at 90 Stanton Street looks about the same as it always has: a mosaic of uncoordinated spools of thread lines the walls; worn carpet and scuffed linoleum cover the floor.

Mr. Vargas began sewing at age 12, in a cousin’s shop. The first thing he ever stitched was a pair of women’s black polyester pants.


The Stanton Tailor